Things To See In Uganda

Undoubtedly gorilla trekking is the topmost attraction of Uganda, but this small country has to offer an abundance of incredible holiday spots. Here are the top 10 things to see in Uganda:

Beaches:  Uganda is a landlocked country in African Continental that assembles few wonderful beaches that allow travelers to relax and take a dive into the turquoise water.

Chimpanzees in Uganda:  Sharing 98% of human DNA, chimpanzees are considered as the closest relatives of humans. Uganda’s lush forests are not only home to Mountain Gorillas but also home to these incredible chimpanzees.

Cultural Sites: The country has many cultural heritages where you can take a thrilling tour around including 2 World Heritage Sites.

Islands in Uganda: Surrounded with spectacular water Uganda is home to 84 islands from which few are worth visiting.

Lakes in Uganda: One-third of the country’s land is covered by water. The country holds 165 spectacular lakes from the smallest to the largest like Lake Victoria.

Mountain Gorillas:  Mountain gorillas are the prime attraction of Uganda and attract millions of visitors from all around the world.

Other Primates of Uganda:  Tanzania doesn’t only host the unique primates like Mountain Gorilla, but also is a homeland to 20 primates.

Uganda Wild Animals:  The rolling savannahs, grasslands, and lush forests host not only Gorillas and primates but also a lot of wild animals which includes 300 mammals.

Uganda Birds:   The country isn’t only a place to spot wild animals but also an incredible place to spot a wide species of birdlife.

Waterfalls in Uganda:  The exotic attraction of Uganda is the magnificent waterfalls. Few spectacular waterfalls needed to be explored such as Lake Victoria and Murchison Falls.