Islands in Uganda

There are few enticing small area lands in Uganda that are completely surrounded by water. The unique character of these islands is that they usually last up to 5 to 10 years. Uganda is now home to around 84 Islands with Lake Victoria having about twenty islands spread all over it. These islands offer a unique combination of flora and fauna that attracts visitors to the country.  There are an estimated 20% of all species of birds, reptiles, and plants that are found on these islands.

Here are a few iconic islands of Uganda:

Ssese Islands:

Ssese islands are an archipelago of 84 beautiful islands that is the largest Island in the Victorian waters receiving a wide range of visitors.  The island was heavily forested once upon a time but eventually was replaced by the local palm trees. It’s common to spot various species of birds, vervet monkeys, Bushbuck, and black and white colobus. The area is one of the most developed areas of Uganda having an estimated 5,200 people living in the islands and there are many permanent buildings that can be spotted including houses, shops and stalls, automobiles and many other economic activities going on.

Ngamba Islands Uganda:

Located in Lake Victoria, Ngamba Island covers only 100 acres of which 98 acres are occupied by a rain forest. Unlike the other islands where there are various species can be spotted, this island is filled with chimpanzees was established to become home to homeless chimpanzees rescued by Uganda Wildlife Authority. 

Musambwe Islands:

Combining 3 three rocky islands, the Musambwa islands is nearly five-kilometers offshore from the Kasensero Landing site. The island offers an eco-tourism which offers tented camps at the site. The island is heaven to birders as it offers around 150,000 bird species.