Waterfalls in Uganda

Uganda is often addressed as the country of waterfalls and lakes as it features many exotic waterfalls and lakes. Uganda showcases some of the most amazing waterfalls of the world which offers breath-taking sceneries. Few unique waterfalls of Uganda are listed below:

Murchison Falls:

The Murchison falls also known as Kabalega Falls is a water body amidst Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert. The waterfall though is not the highest waterfall but it’s famous due to its force and offers a great view of birds and amazing wildlife on the banks of the river.

Aruu Falls:

Magnificent Aruu falls is the exotic attraction site in Northern Uganda. The graceful flow of the water is truly breathtaking and definitely relaxes and mesmerizes you with their intricate beauty.


This stunning waterfall is on the foothills of Mt. Elgon and is an absolute glorious waterfall. The waterfall is a combination of 3 stunning waterfalls that flows over a massive cliff into the plunge pool below it.

Sezibwa Falls:

The falls are a unique and gorgeous oasis attraction of Uganda. 35km along Kampala- Jinja highway this waterfall is a smoky brownish water gush that falls between the two rocks from7 meters height.

Kisizi Waterfall:

This 30m high waterfall lies on the Kyabambe River is one of the peaceful waterfall surrounded with forests and quiet roads which offer pleasant rambling opportunities.