Beaches In Uganda

For most Uganda is a place that offers stunning lush green forest land, decent trekking on the rocky slopes and spotting some unique habitat. However, the country features some of the dazzling perfect white-sand beaches where you can go and enjoy the sunset for a sublime experience. 

We present here the most iconic beaches of Uganda which can be the next holiday destination for you which are miles away from the other hustling-bustling beaches of Africa.

  1. Lido Beach:

Lido beach is the oldest beach of Uganda lying about 1km away from Entebbe International airport and just 2.5 kilometers from Kitoro. This tranquil beach is an ideal location for Honeymoon as well as a paradise for the birders as it enables countless bird species.

  1. Imperial Beach:

Enabling some matchless water sports and golden sunset views Imperial Resort Beach and Imperial Botanical Beach are two iconic beaches located just beside to Imperial Beach Resort Hotel.

  1. Lutembe Beach:

Located in Wakiso District, Lutembe Beach is just 4 kilometers away from Kampala Entebbe Road and renowned for its bird sanctuary, especially for the white-winged terns that add more glamour to the sanctuary.

  1. One love Beach:

One Love Beach is owned by a famous Ugandan artist Bobi Wine is serene beach located in Busabala near Botanical garden. The beach allows the travelers to relax and inhale the cool lake breeze or they can grab an opportunity to sighting some exotic bird and plant species.

  1. Munyonyo Beach:

Located in close proximity to Kampala, Munyonyo beach is well preserved by Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort and offers many leisure activities like Speed boat rides, canoeing, invigorating horse rides, fishing, and Paintball games.

  1. Serena Resort Beach:

Serena Resort Beach is the tranquil and exquisite beach of Uganda is part of the Lake Victoria Serena Resort and enables a wide variety of water sports.

  1. Ssese Islands:

This scenic beach is a place where locals are spottable as well as foreign travelers. This gorgeous piece of the island boasts a lot of exotic birds, monkeys, and even the occasional crocodile and hippo.

  1. Nabinonya Resort Beach:

This gorgeous beach is perfect for young people and families who are looking for adventure as well as it is a great place to a variety of monkeys, birds, and reptiles.

  1. Spennah Beach:

Spennah Beach is the party beach widely favored in locals where you can spot events like weddings, birthday parties, fashion shows and music festivals on weekends.

  1. Lost Paradise:

A hidden gem of South-west Uganda, the Lost Paradise beach is accessible within 15 minutes with a motorboat and is one of the few beaches that offer swimming without any fear of crocodiles or hippos.