Cultural Sites In Uganda

Uganda is a land that has rich cultural spots consisting of 2 UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here are the top cultural sites of “Pearl of Africa”.

Kasubi Royal Tombs:

Kasubi Royal Tombs is a World Heritage Site that receives a wide number of visitors. The place is highly respected as the kings of Buganda are buried here.

Kabaka’s Lake:

Covering about 5 acres just on the outskirts of Kampala, Kabaka’s Lake was created in 1880 during the regime of Kabaka Mwanga and now offers a great opportunity of spotting bird and fishing.

The National Museum of Uganda:

Established in 1908, The Uganda Museum is a national museum and the oldest in East Africa. The museum has a wide variety of ethnographic collections of agriculture, hunting, war and religion as well as archaeological and natural history displays, and a collection of interesting traditional musical instruments.

Kings Palace- Bulange Mengo:

Mengo is the palace king Buganda built in 1885 which covers up an estimated area of 4 square miles. The palace has a spired Bulange opposite to it which is the parliament of Buganda and the entry is free into place.

Bahai Temple:

The temple founded in Uganda is the only temple in Africa supporting Bahai faith.  The temple’s architecture and lush Greenland spread in 30 hectors alongside the temple is a unique attraction for the travelers.

Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine:

This site is popular as it brings the memory of 30 Ugandan Catholics and Protestants who were burnt to death on 3rd June 1889 on the orders of the Kabaka. This is a holy pilgrim site for both Catholics and Protestants.


Situated on the hilltop at Naggalabi Buddo the place stands as the symbol of the birthplace of kings of Buganda.        

Katereke Prison:

The prison was constructed by Kabaka Kalema who acquired the Buganda throne controversially in 1888. He used to put those inside the prison whom he thought can be a threat to his throne.