Things To Do In Uganda

Uganda is not only a place with untamed wildlife and rarest species of Primates, but also rich with many holiday activities to explore. If you are someone looking for the adventurous gateway, then Uganda is the most suitable one for you with the following activities;

 Bungee Jumping:  Bungee jumping is one of the most incredible adventurous sports which are included in many adventure admirers’ list. This ultimate adventurous sport is available at the Nile River’s bank.

Cave Exploration: If you are someone who is looking for an off-beaten destination that’s fun-filled and adventurous then go for cave exploration in Uganda.

Cultural Tourism:  Cultural tourism is the soul of Uganda. The pearl of Africa has 2 World Heritage Sites along with many cultural spots.

Game Viewing Uganda:   Uganda has many national parks that offer a great abundance of wildlife. The spectacular landscape of the country offers a good variety of animals including leopards, majestic Elephants, mysterious tree-climbing Lions, and magnificent Giraffes.

Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda:   Uganda does not only offer a great view of Mountain Gorilla but also offers an incredible opportunity to track chimpanzees. Kibale National Park is the prime location to track Chimps in Uganda.

Mountain Climbing:   Packed with spectacular mountains range this beautiful country offers both easiest trekking trails for the newbies and tricky ones for the adventurous lovers.

Sport Fishing:   Rich with many water spots this unique country offers various water activities from which fishing is a prime attraction. You can explore fishing in the mighty River Nile and other water bodies.