Cultural Tours In Uganda

Uganda offers a full package to its travellers no matter if you are interested in wildlife, nature, adventure or culture. This small country has to offer everything you can think about your dream vacation.

If you are someone who is in love with exploring history and culture of a new place then we can assure you Uganda being the homeland of 65 tribes will give you goose bumps with its fascinating culture.

Here is a small list of must-exploring cultural rich spots in Uganda:

Kampala:  The city adds many charm to its cultural heritage, you can explore :-

the Cultural Market, Kasubi tombs in which the kings and royals of the Buganda kingdom are buried, Nagalabi – the Buganda kingdom coronation site, Bahai temple, the Kabaka’s lake and the Palace of the Buganda king, Nakasero Green Market and Uganda Museum in your visit in the city.

Jinja Tour:   Namugongo, is a top most tourist attraction with some horrible history where Uganda martyrs Shrines were horribly murdered.

Dip in a crater lake at Kyaninga Lodge:   In dormant volcanoes like Lake Kyaninga ther is a mesmerizing carter lake that can be spotted at the top which which is 220 metre dept. Before diving down don’t forget to listen the story about the prehistoric monster that will rise out of his murky depth and make a quick lunch of one. It will surely add more excitement to your swim.

Fort Portal:  Along the way to Fort Portal you will meet Nakayima tree found in Mubende that is associated with fascinating tales about the history of this impressive tree.