Mountain Climbing Uganda

Blessed with various stunning mountains and volcanoes the pearl of Africa is the best place to do mountaineering. The country offers the most adventurous hiking experience. Uganda safari is incomplete without hiking the panoramic mountain. These spectacular mountains don’t need trained trekkers and you can go on hiking regardless of your physical fitness. The country offers both long and short hikes that welcome both pro hikers as well as the adventure enthusiast without any prior experience.

The best spots to go on a hike in Uganda:

Mount Elgon:  Standing proudly at the height of 4321m above sea level Mount Elgon is the 4th highest peak of East Africa and the 8th highest peak in Africa. The summit of this beautiful mountain shelters the world’s largest caldera measuring approximately 50 by 80 kilometers.

The mountain gives interesting hiking routes which are packed with wildlife like Elephants, forest monkeys, Buffalos, and other small antelopes.

Virunga volcanoes:

Located in Mgahinga gorilla national park, the mountain contains 3 volcanic peaks which make up a chain of the Virunga volcanoes namely Muhabura, Mgahinga and Sabinyo each having height of 4127m, 3474m, and 3645m respectively. These volcanoes situated on the common border of the three countries Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and offer a great hiking route. On your way of trekking to the top, you can expect to encounter Mountain Gorillas, Golden Monkeys, endemic birds, and mountain vegetation.

The Sipi Falls: Situated on the foothill of Mount Elgon, Sippi fall consists of 3 beautiful waterfalls in Uganda. The hiking route to the waterfall has become one of the iconic attractions of the eastern region. The easy access from Kampala the trekking on the route takes a maximum of 3 hours to complete.