Chimpanzee Tracking In Uganda

Chimpanzee tracking is an adventurous experience where the travelers go on tracking chimpanzee families in the forest of Uganda with the tips of their guides. Exploring the lifestyle of the species who are sharing 98% DNA with humans is really exciting. In Uganda Kibale Forest National Park holds the most varied number of wildlife which includes a good number of Chimpanzees including 13 other primates.

Chimpanzee habituation experience in Kibale National Park allows following the chimpanzees that are quite comfortable with human presence and continue their natural behavior even in front of tourists. So there is a fair chance to spot spectacular scenes of the Chimpanzee’s de-nesting, feeding, copulating, hunting, breastfeeding, resting, and patrolling.

When tracking these unique primates you need to follow some rules to stay safe such as:

Watch the fun activities at least from an eight-meter distance.

Avoid going to the park if you have flu or any contagious disease however, in most cases the park authority won’t allow you.

Don’t take your children below the age of 12

Don’t provoke them by clicking pictures using a flashlight or making noises

Few fun facts about Chimpanzees:

Being the closest relatives of Human you can watch chimpanzees doing some fun similar to humans like exchanging hugs and kisses.

They are very sociable animals living in groups that are called troops. These troops vary in the number of chimpanzees; a chimpanzee troop can have 10- 100 members.

Chimpanzee’s mothers are very sensitive towards their young; they can even babysit each other’s kids and groom them till they reach 4 years old.