Sport Fishing In Uganda

Uganda is a unique country that offers various activities, including some of the unique activities that surprise visitors. Along with breath-taking scenery, friendly people, the critically endangered mountain gorillas, and the stunning game drive the country are also rich remarkable water bodies. As Uganda’s one-third of the land is occupied by water that includes Lake Victoria; Africa’s largest lake, Lake Kyoga; the second largest freshwater body in the world, Lake George, Lake Albert, Lake Mburo, Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Edward.  The country is also home to the Mighty River Nile which is the longest in Uganda and the 2nd longest in the world.

With all these stunning oases Uganda is incomparably one of the exceptional sportfishing destinations for those who are looking for something extraordinary to explore. More than 350 species of fish have been recorded in Uganda water bodies. The fish of Uganda water bodies include Catfish, Tigerfish, Barbel, Ferocious fighter, Rastrineobola, Lungfish, Protopterus etc.

Best places to go on Fishing:

Murchison falls national park: Situated in North-western Uganda the waterfall is the best spot for sport fishing adventures in Uganda. January to March and July to October are the best season for exploring fishing at Murchison Falls.

Lake Victoria: The second-largest freshwater body of the world covering about 69485 square kilometers. Featuring gin all 84 islands of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania the waterfall is the best spot to go for fishing.

Lake Mburo National Park: Located within the stunning Lake Mburo National Park, the Lake Mubro is one of the stunning places to go for Fishing in Uganda. Sportfishing permits in Lake Mburo National Park cost $15 per day.

Mount Elgon and the Sipi falls area: Located in Western Uganda Sipi falls providing an exhilarating adventurous fishing sport. The best attraction of the waterfalls is the rainbow fish.