Best 27 Uganda Destinations To Travel In Your Next Vacation In 2019-20

Have you ever visited the wonderland of Uganda?

If no, then visit this place once, and you will feel like visiting here again and again. This amazing destination is having a big wish list of places for you which cannot be possibly seen at a single time. Without wasting a single minute you can start Uganda Safari after stepping at Entebbe International Airport that is located at Entebbe Town near the shores of Lake Victoria. There are many interesting things to be followed throughout the journey so keep your heart lumping and thumping in Uganda Destinations.

You would know that Uganda is the best place for primate trekking that includes some of the endangered ancestors like Chimpanzees and Mountain Gorillas. Apart from these activities, many thrilling and adventurous activities can be done here like canoeing safari, fishing, boating, golfing, etc. The most interesting thing about Uganda Safari is you don’t have to make any separate visa for this nation whereas a common east African tour visa is eligible here.

These are 27 best destinations that can be visited during Uganda Safari:

1. Entebbe Town

Welcome to the land of Uganda via Entebbe Town after landing on the “Entebbe International Airport” from where your Uganda Safari starts. After stepping out of your flight you don’t have to get bore inside the airport in place of that you can come out of and watch the wonders of this village. There are several things and places to see over here, these are some out of them:

  • Botanical Garden which seems to be like a jungle so was chosen as the suiting set of Hollywood movies Tarzan.
  • There are some VIP areas too like Uganda State House, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Churches, and British colony.
  • You can also take some cool fresh air on the shores of Lake Victoria as well as enjoy the game of golf in Entebbe Golf Club.

2.Jinja, Source of Nile

Visit East Africa’s largest adventure capital “Jinja” and know about how a real adventure looks like in the area of the Mibara Forest Area. Jinja is also known as the source of river Nile as it’s landside touches the great Lake Victoria. Here you can also have a glimpse of the marvelous facilities of the Golf Club with 9 perfect holes as well as boating is available to be sportive. You can also have the cultural tour in Uganda Destinations as it is having the beautiful Hindu temple of Satya Naryan in front of which you can see the statue of popular Indian man Mahatma Gandhi made up of bronze.

3.       Kampala, Capital City

Kampala is the oldest as well as the central city of Uganda Destinations having one of its side facing lake Victoria as well as it is having a beautiful chain of 7 mountain where all the mountains are having some unique features and the 7 alphabets on the name of Kampala is derived by 7 mountains. There are many other things which can be seen here like red tile villa, Baha’I Temple, Shik Street, Uganda Museum, Kibuli Mosque, and the biggest market of Kampala.

4.       Buganda Kingdom

The traditional Kingdom of Buganda is the home to the tribal of Ganda. It is also the region which is having some of the most attractive places that are center of attraction of Uganda Safari Tours. One of the interesting facts about this city is the name of the city from where the name of the country originated. It is having the throne of King which is being occupied by the Buganda family since an era. You can also learn a lot about cultivation and crop cycle from here.

5.       Bwindi’s Impenetrable Forest National Park

It is considered to be the best Uganda National Parks because here you can see one of the most famous, ancient and endangered wildlife “Mountain Gorillas”. Here you can find nearly half of the population of mountain gorillas out of the total population of East African gorillas as it is having a vast area of the greenery forest with a large number of trees and plants in it creating a favorable environmbent for these species.

6.       Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale Forest National Park is another famous Uganda National Parks which is popular for chimpanzee trekking. You can meet with 11 various species of primates, as well as you can view the beautiful insects and birds over here. Some unique species like the Columbus Monkey, flying squirrel and the bunyoro rabbit. Few of the big 5 can also be spotted here like buffalo, and elephant.

7.       Murchison Falls National Park

Have a view over the oldest conservation area of Uganda which is also a popular place to have game reserve and wild-life field savanna. There are several other activities that can that can be done here like launch trips to watch the birds, boat trips to enjoy the scenery beside the water body, chimp trekking to meet one of our nearest DNA, Game Drives to observe the Big 5 of Africa, waterfall trekking, and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to view the extinct Black Rhino.

8.       Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the most popular Uganda National Parks where you can view the lion king on the trees in. Its beauty is like its name incredible so it has got its name from the British queen. It is one of the biggest National Parks of Uganda covering 2000 Km with several ecosystems. You can also watch 500 diverse species of birds in this field as well as the wildebeest, buffalo and zebra herds can be seen here.

9.       Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is the home to water adventure and safari. Here you can view nearly 29 specific islands as well as it is of 7 Km wide and 25 Km long with a depth of 45m to 900m. This place is always having some secret knowledge for visitors as well as the locals. Some of its main Island is Akampene also known as Punishment Island, Kyahugye Island, and Bushara Island which can be visited during the Uganda Safari.

10.     Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo is one of the longest lakes of Uganda Destinations after combining itself with 13 other lakes out of which you can spot some of the lakes within the park. This is the home to 350 bird species and beautiful scenery of other wildlife like giraffe and hippo. One of the X-Factor about this lake is you cannot spot an elephant inside the park because of low vegetation.

11.      Mgahinga National Park

As you can spot the huge number of the Mountain Gorillas over here this park is known as Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. It is extended unto 33 Km with large vegetation, which makes it possible for the gorilla families to sustain. If you want to have the best view of Gorilla trekking during Uganda Safari then visit here as well as you can know much about the culture and tradition of the people from this National Park.

12.     Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Have a combination of Safari, tourism, and trekking, all together in a single place Rwenzori Mountains National Park. You can have a unique experience of mountain hiking after trekking over 16,000 feet of Rwenzori Mountains. This mountain is also having antique scenery as well as known as “Mountain s of the moon”. The maximum of the upper part of the mountain is covered with snow whereas the lower part is covered with dense jungle.

13.     Semuliki National Park

The Semuliki National Park is the newly added area to the list of Uganda National Parks, having some best facilities like swimming, fishing, restaurant and lodges and here you can have various activities like chimpanzee trekking, Long guided walk inside the jungle, game drives, boat trips, bird watching, meet the Batwa (pygmy) as well as you can also do camping over here.

14.     Sipi Falls

View the awe-inspiring scenery of 3 waterfalls combined in a single place making a large waterfall. This waterfall comes near the border of Kenya so you can move to the campsite only unto the upper part of the waterfall. This Sipi falls has got its source originated from the Sipi River which gets its name from Sep plant growing near it. There is much natural scenery to view and you can enjoy taking shower over here.

15.     Mabira Forest

Rainforest of Mabira is a national park located between two districts Jinja and Lugazi as well as considered as one of the protected areas of Uganda. Many things can be sighted here like the rainforest, wildlife, birds, insects and wild vegetation. Here you can find some unique medicinal plant which can help you in research to cure some of the viral and unending diseases.

16.     Ssezibwa Falls

A culture tour to the Ssezibwa Falls which got its stream connected with Ssezibwa River which is in between the Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga as well as it is the home to Baganda Tribes. There are some stories related to this place and in one of the stories, it has been said that this river got connected with women in ancient times who visited this place after which it is called Heritage Site of Buganda.

17.     Ngamba Island

It is not only an Island but also considered as one of the best wildlife conservation areas and Chimpanzee Sanctuary and running its project to protect and breed the nearest DNA of human being chimpanzee. This place is having a large number of chimpanzees so you can easily track them at the time of feeding which is from 11:00 am to 2:00 am. Here you can also do some of the other activities like Sunbathing, relaxation, volleyball, darts, etc.

18.     Ssese Islands

Ssese Island is located on great Lake Victoria. It is having 84 floating forests which when seen from above then it will look like a green diamond floating over the water. You can have a boat safari to visit the different islands; you can spot birds and some specific species of spiders over here. This is also the place where you can spot the African grey parrots.

19.     Katonga Wildlife Reserve

The western part of Uganda is Katonga Wildlife Reserve which is situated near the river banks of Katonga. Here you can spot nearly 40 species of mammals and 145 species of birds. Some of the common animals that can be viewed here are Columbus Monkey, elephant and river otters as well as you can also spot the antelope. The best time to visit this place is during the driest month.

20.     Kidepo Valley National Park

View one of the most marvelous Uganda National Parks which is also the 2nd largest park of Uganda covering an area of 1300 Km. The most scenic view of the Kidepo Valley National Park is the daily parade of animals which is being composed by the herd of buffalo, antelope, zebra, elephant, and birds. You can also view the thrilling predators like Cheetah, lion, leopard.

21.     Bird Watching in Uganda

Uganda Destinations is having various national parks with mountain and water bodies that attract 100’s of species every day. There are also some of the mythological alien birds which haven’t been named yet. Birding can be done in various parks like Mabamba Swamp, Semuliki, Bwindi, and Kibale National Parks.

22.     Lake Katwe

Lake Katwe is the homes to various antique volcanoes as well as a specific name have been given to them “Explosion Craters”. These volcanoes are now changed into some beautiful national parks surrounding it. It is being said that this has been formed nearly 10,000 years ago and caused a huge disaster when exploded. Now a day it is the best place to have canoeing Uganda Safari to view the animals and birds.

23.     Uganda Lakes

Uganda is having a large number of Lakes which also create some scenic view because they have some large chains of mountains on it. Some of the popular lakes are Lake Victoria, Lake Edward, Lake George, Kazinga Channel, Lake Kwania, Kyoga, Lake Nile, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mburo and many more.

24.     Kasubi Royal Tombs

Kasubi Royal

These are some specifically made tombs that are built within the capital city of Kampala and the Buganda Kingdom people consider it a religious place. This tomb was built to represent the Ganda culture by the Kabaka. A secret fact about Kasubi Royal Tomb is that you cannot see a guard near it but it is believed that the guards are hidden over here and you can reveal the secret after having Uganda Safari

25.     Namugongo Martyrs Shrine

If you want to visit some historical sites of Uganda then Namugongo Martyrs can be the best place for you to visit. It is a combination of 22 Martyrs which were built during the 18th century which shows the loyalty of the people for the King. This is also considering one of the holy places of the Christian community.

26.     Mpanga Forest Reserve

Here you will see a unique forest reserve Mpanga, close to Mpigi Town. You can spot the vast species of trees nearly 500 types that were surviving for 100 years, as well as some wilder animals and some specific primates. In Mpanga Forest Reserve you can do some of the curious activities like forest walk, night camping, guided tours, and hill-climbing.

27.     Uganda Museum

A traditional and cultural as well as knowledgeable Uganda Safari tours to the ancient museum of Uganda which will brief the holy and beautiful story of the history of the country. It is also the oldest Uganda Museum of East Africa where you can read the various wildlife from the books written by the ancestors as well as you can also see some musical and war items.

So, after knowing about these places isn’t your curiosity increasing? If yes, then you shouldn’t wait for the perfect time. Get ready with all your luggage packed, then just open your browser and book your safari with us.

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