Top 5 Gratifying Activities To Execute in Queen Elizabeth National Park

“The secret to a happy life is having lots of interests. Interests are ammunition against despair.” Henry Miller.

An interesting thing or any place can have a magnetic effect on people. Humans love to see the rarest and interesting things because it amazes them at a much higher level. Uganda is a small country of secrets, adventure, and beauty as well as having large national parks and conserving areas composite of traditions, primates, jungle, and other wildlife.

Do you know, what is the most interesting thing about Queen Elizabeth National Park? If no, then in this blog brief some information that can help you to know the detailed information.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the most protected areas on earth popular to preserve the wildlife and best part of Uganda Safari. It is situated in the western part of Uganda having a dense forest area of 1,978 sq. kilometer supporting 95 species of Mammals, more than 600 birds’ species, and approximately 57 vegetation lands. Here you can have a game drive to its forest area, trekking to see the chimpanzees; you can also have a glimpse of a tree-climbing lion, as well as you can go for a boat cruise.

Here you can check the 5 most amusing activities that you can enjoy in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

1. Visiting For Kazinga Boat Cruise

Kazinga Channel of Queen Elizabeth National Park is the main source of water for wildlife living in it. Animals come here to drink water, cool up their bodies, and to take bathe and feed their young one. The gathering of wildlife near its stream draws the attention of most of the visitors since 1952. The best time to visit this park is during dry summers when the sun is overhead and all the animals come towards the stream in thirst and high temperature. This Uganda Destinations gives the best view of animals from nearer.

You can go for a boat cruise from early 9 AM to the evening at 5 PM; it will cost $30 for a person to enjoy the boat safari. In the afternoon when there will be no hippos inside the water is the safest and best time for acquiring a slow boat safari, here you can also view the fisherman gets their gears ready for fishing. Boat Safari is of two type’s small personal boat which is a bit costly as compared to the double Decker boat provided by the Uganda Wildlife Safari. You should be ready with your digital camera when you are on a small personal boat.

2. Game Drives

Game Drives in Uganda National Parks gives you the most scenic images of Uganda Safari. You can see the exclusionary species of animal kingdoms over here moving in their habitat. Best vacation time when you can come on a visit is during the dry months, either at the time of summer between June to September or in the wintertime, January to February.

Tours during the dry seasons are more fruitful because during this time the grasses are short, gives you a perfect and fair view of the wildlife. The best places for game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park are Ishasha Sector and North Kazinga Plains. You can see the wildlife like herds of buffalo, elephants, hippos, tree-climbing lion, and Uganda kobs.

3. Chimpanzee Trekking

Uganda Destinations are popularly known for Chimpanzee trekking. Chimp trekking can be easily done in Kyambura George which is also known as a lost valley or valley of apes. It is known as a lost valley because it is having an underground rainforest in it where the sunshine cannot reach but acquiring a beautiful ecosystem in it where you can explore a new world. While having a walk inside the forest you should be careful of the soldier ants, as their bites are given immense pain.

Ten different kingdoms of primates can be seen here like a chimpanzee, red-tailed monkey, baboons, etc. Kyambura George is better and cheaper for chimpanzee trekking as it takes 100 USD a lesser price then the forest of Kibale.

4. Bird Watching

Queen Elizabeth National Park is having more than 600 species of bird which migrates over here every year making it their home ground. The extraordinary scene of viewing the birds from a distance gives immense pleasure to your mind and heart. During bird watching activity you will wander into the beauty of nature and will make it as the best part of your memory.

5. SeeThe Tree Climbing Lions Of Ishasha

The catchiest activity of Queen Elizabeth for the travelers is viewing the lion climbing on the tree in the jungle of Ishasha. During this activity, you can also track the lion in their natural habitat. It is permitted by the Uganda government so that you can learn about the lions of Africa. There are limited permits for research so you should book a permit in advance. You can easily find a lion on the trees of Ishasha, so you can experience the king of the jungle in a different style than haunting.

The Uganda Destinations, Queen Elizabeth National Park can be called a single stop wildlife destination. Here you can see a large scale of primates, antelopes, predators, and birds. You can have balloon safari, boat safari, game drive safari and mountain trekking in Queen Elizabeth.

There are too many secrets that you can explore during your adventure. We the East African Jungle Safaris ranked as one of best tour operator of Africa can help you to explore the Uganda National Parks, precisely. There are several more jaw-dropping activities excluding this 5 that you can do at Queen Elizabeth National Park which can amaze you with its uniqueness. If you are curious to know more about them you can visit our website

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