Behavior and Cognition –Explore A Brief Information About social and highly intelligent Mountain Gorillas

Do you ever wonder about the behavior of gorillas, why their actions are quite similar to Humans? If no, then here is some most well-researched information about the gorilla.

There are many primates in this world, out of which gorillas are being considered as one of the closest DNA sharing species to Human Beings that is 95%. Most of the gorillas can be easily found in some countries of the African continent. The African gorillas are divided into two categories, one is mountain gorilla living over the mountains of Rwanda, Uganda and The United Congo as well as you can find another species of gorilla that is low land or jungle living Gorilla.

These two species don’t have much difference between them except their hairs. If you want to see any family of gorilla then you can visit to view them in our Uganda Rwanda Combined Safari. Mountain Trekking Gorillas are one of the rare kingdoms of Gorilla which available only in Africa, at a height above the land over the mountain inside the dense forest. These primates live and survive there in groups so that they can help each other when necessary. Below we will be discussing the various behaviors of Gorillas. 

Travel / Movement In Search Of Food

When the gorilla grows to an age of 12, they get converted to an adult gorilla; as a result, they leave their parents and move on to the deep of the jungle in search of food to make their living. Maximum of the gorillas move to the Jungle and meet some other gorillas and make them as their friends and new family. Gorillas are divided into 17 specific kingdoms; some of them are muhoza, Umubano, amahoro, etc. The mountain climbing gorillas are having long hairs at their back to protect them from sun rays.Rwanda Safari is the best plan to see a gorilla in their habitat.

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Taking Various Types of Vegetation

The Mountain Gorillas moves from higher region to lower in search of food during dry seasons whereas during spring season the gorillas move to the top of the mountain and go deep inside the Jungle. Gorillas don’t drink much water as they consume 50% of water for their bodies from the plant, vegetation, and fruits. Male gorilla usually eats more than 17 Kg of food per day and collects some food for the other group members. Gorilla usually intakes small as well as large plants, leaves, fruits, branches, trunks of the trees and small insects as their daily diet for survival. 

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Building Own Nest

Normally gorillas are ground-dwelling. Depending on the security and vegetation, they build their own home on the ground or on the top of the trees. Like humans they love to live with families. So for this, they share the home with the family. As they migrate from place to place during the day carrying the young on their bodies, so each night they need to build a new home to sleep. The leader will be responsible for movement and making a nest.

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Social Interactions E.g. Grooming

When the gorilla grows younger then he can groom. Male gorilla keeps their hand o their body and applies as well as licks their finger. In Rwanda Gorilla Tours you can easily see the grooming of gorillas with their inmates. Both the opposite gender of gorillas looks at each other and try to interact with each other in their traditional ways.

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Reproduction and Parenting

The gorilla starts reproduction when the male reaches an age of 12 and the female reach an age of 8, their reproduction process ends up with the pregnancy of female as humans. Females are the ones who attract male gorilla partner with body movements. Normally males are not responsible for offspring caring; the female is responsible for parenting. The mother gorilla carries the infant and takes care of their babies until they grow to an adult. The gorillas get too aggressive at the time of birth and the female remains aggressive till the child grown up to a strong gorilla.

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Gorillas in Rwanda usually live in groups of 5 to 12 out of which a maximum of 2 to 3 are male and others will be female and babies. The gorillas usually have silver hair at their back and chest. The male gorillas fight amongst each other so that the winner can declare as the king and he will be responsible for everything of troops like searching food, changing places to live, breeding, and taking the decision.

Mountain gorilla depends on the plants for their food as well as they are cool primates because they don’t interfere with others’ matters.

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