Things To Do In Rwanda

There is something optimistic about Rwanda, the tiny country that is rich with untamed wilderness, unbelievable greenery, and great panoramic mountains. If you are confused about what to explore first here is a list;

Mountain Gorillas: Explore the spectacular mountain gorillas in the land called “land of thousand hills”. The lower slopes of national parks are packed with these closest relatives of humans.

Coffee Paradise:  The country’s financial system dependent on coffee after tourism. You can find some of the best coffee beans in the world in Rwanda.

Rwanda’s Birds:   The country isn’t only a place to spot Primates, but also you can spot a wide range of bird species in Rwanda.

Historical Sites of Rwanda: The country has a rich history and many spectacular historical sites can be spotted in Rwanda. Don’t forget to take a trip to the iconic historical points of the country.

Wildlife in Rwanda:

Apart from the main attraction Mountain Gorillas, the country’s national parks are the most biodiverse spots which host a wide range of wild animals.

Chimpanzees in Rwanda:

The nyungwe national park is home to many Chimps; here you can spot Chimpanzee families in their natural habitat.

 Volcano Climb:  The country holds a great number of volcanic mountains that offer a great hiking route. There are 5 prime volcanoes are existing in the country namely Muhavura, Gahinga, Sabinyo, Bisoke, and Karisimbi.

Golden Monkeys:  Apart from Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees the golden monkeys are another attraction of Rwanda’s national parks. With only 5000 of the population in the whole world, the golden monkey deserves a visit.

Safari Parks and City Tours:   Rwanda is a tiny country widely known as “Queen of thousand hills” provides some pristine and mesmerizing Safari destinations and attracts a wide range of visitors. Take a tour to the cities with the most friendly people and safari parks that provide the most wilderness experience.