Rwanda Cultural Tours

Homeland to 3 ethnic tribal groups of Africa Rwanda offers a great cultural diversity that includes history, traditions, and hospitality of the country. Take a delightful cultural tour where you can discover the traditional life of Tutsi, Hutu, and Twa.

In your cultural trip to the country, you are supposed to explore engaging folk tales, riddles, and proverbs while interacting with the Tutsi people. In your visit to Hutu, you can discover the unique ceremony that takes place with a new baby born in the village.

Honor and warm hospitality can always be found amongst the tribal groups as it’s an ancestral inherit.

Traditional Cultural Dances and Music found in Rwanda:    The cultural tour to Rwanda will expose a unique Traditional Cultural Dances and Music beside you.

The cultural Rural life:   Spend a day with the tribal family, cook with them the traditional dishes dig in the gardens, enjoy a lunch with your Rwandan Hosts while learning weave, carve, and create crafts from them.

Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village tour:   Learn how to drum, dance, and shoot a bow from this very active tribal group. You can learn about medicinal plants in the jungle from the locals.

Imogongo: Cow dung paintings, one of the old cultural tradition that’s still you can find in the Village of Nyakarambi.