Rwanda Volcano Hike

Spreading over Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo; the Virunga mountains 5 prime volcanoes out of 8 are presented in Rwanda while 3 others are in 2 neighboring countries. The Muhavura, Gahinga, Sabinyo, Bisoke, and Karisimbi are the unique 5 volcanoes residing in the country on Virunga Mountain. Apart from Mt. Sabinyo, all other volcanoes offer a good trek. The volcanoes of Virunga Mountain are packed with lush green forest, rare mountain vegetation, crater lakes, plenty of wildlife such as forest elephants and buffaloes, golden monkeys and mountain gorillas, and enormous bird species.

The Mountain Bisoke:   Standing high up to 3711m Mountain Bisoke is an active and easy hike will take only 6 hours, 4 hours of going up and 2 hours of coming down.  The summit offers an encounter with the golden monkeys and a huge crater lake at the summit measuring about 400m in diameter.

Mount Muhabura hike:  Trekking to this beautiful volcano takes only one day to touch the peak at 4, 127m. The high elevation of this mountain enables a great view for the trekkers.

Mgahinga Hike:  A dream hike for most of the hikers visiting Rwanda is Mgahinga Mountain with an elevation of 3,474m having the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park provides easy trekking.

Climbing Mt Karisimbi:  Offering a strenuous yet very rewarding hike to its peak that is on the height of 4507m, Mt. Karisimbi is another fabulous trekking option in Rwanda.