Rwanda Birding Tours

Featuring over 750 species of birds the small country Rwanda is a heaven for birders. The country contains the highest concentration of birds per square kilometer in Africa. Birding tours in Rwanda rewards a lot of bird species by spending a short time out on the birding trail. The country also offers an opportunity to spot some of the rare and hard-to-spot bird species.

Best time for going in a birding tour:

Birding Tour to Rwanda is great for all year round. However, if we will be specific about spotting the most unique and high concentration of bird then December to February is the best season as this is the migrant bird season. In these months you can spot various migrated birds along with the residential ones.

Best places for bird-watching: 

Kigali city is one of the prime attractions for a bird-watching safari where you can spot a number of renowned birding spots within the city.

The Albertine Eco-region: Holding a chain of mountains that were formed through the upliftment and volcanic activity, The Albertine region stretches across the western half of Rwanda offers exceptional faunal and floral endemism including over 40 bird species.

Volcanoes National Park:  Protecting the Virunga mountain range, the park boasts of about 165 bird species, 17 endemics to the area.

Nyungwe National Park:  This tropical rain forest national park is the region’s largest montane rainforest and is home to 310 species of bird.

Akagera National Park: The rolling grasslands, acacia woodland, and chunk savannah of Akagera National Park host 525 bird species including the rare Red-faced Barbet, Sousa’s Shrike, White-collared Olive back.