Marvelous Activities You Will Love To Experience Besides Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

Do you think that Rwanda is only popular for Gorilla trekking? If yes, then your assumption is wrong. Rwanda the east African country not only popular for gorilla but also famous for some more incredible things like golden monkey trekking, chimpanzee trekking, game viewing, cultural tours, mountain watching, and bird watching. Although Rwanda is well known for gorilla you can also find more than 500 species of birds and 75 various mammals as well as you can see many mountains at Rwanda so it’s also being called as the land of the mountain.

Rwanda Safari for Chimpanzee trekking is one of the vital parts of tourism because here you can see many of the other primates inside the jungle or rainforest-like golden monkey, red-tailed monkey and others. You can also have a cultural visit to Rwanda as the people over there are warm-hearted and welcoming. Though Rwanda is smaller in size, it is having many magnificent places and things, as well as this country are located at the heart of Africa and surrounded by land. So given below are some of the popular activities of Rwanda which can amaze you.

Golden Monkey Trekking

Golden Monkey one of the ancient endangered species of monkey, can be easily found in the forest of Rwanda. They are the subspecies of blue monkey also known as skies monkey. During Rwanda Safari you can see two subgroups of the golden monkey, each group consists of min 80 to 100 members. They can be easily located in Volcano National Park at the bottom of Mt. Sabyinyo that only takes 15 minutes to reach there. You can do a golden monkey trekking only for 1 hour from 7:00 am which will cost $100. As they are smaller in size so you can see them on the bamboo trees, they got acquainted with humans so you can click some images with them.

Chimpanzee Trekking

Chimpanzee Trekking is one of the adventurous trips of Rwanda Safari as well as 98.7% of chimpanzee’s DNA matches to human. This is the only primate who is having the maximum similarity of humans. Do you know viewing chimps are much tougher than seeing the gorillas because gorillas are slow mover so they move to a small range and can be easily found eating whereas chimps jump from tree to tree rapidly changing places? The best time for chimp trekking is from 4:30 AM to 5:00 AM morning. Nyungwe forest is having 60 individuals of gorillas and the Cyamudongo forest consists of 30 members. Chimpanzee trekking priced between USD 60-90 for 1-hour visit.

Game Viewing

Game viewing in Rwanda Destinations gives you a natural view of animals in their habitat like a game drive to the jungle offers you to see the animals like a chimpanzee, gorillas, elephants, baboons, giraffe, etc. You can also have boating Safari which is also a part of the game drive where you can see the aqua animals as well as a hippo. Fishing is offered as a game where it’s totally your decision that you want to keep the fish or leave it. There are more than 520 kinds of birds so you can also do game viewing of them.

Cultural Tours

Rwanda Cultural Tours gives you immense pleasure and experience of ancient ethnic tradition and culture. There are mainly 3 groups of Rwanda among which Tutsi is most populated, Hutu and Twa going after it. You can view and learn many life-changing lessons of life in this cultural tour as well as can implement them in your life. When you arrive at the village of Ibyiwacu, Banda, and Kitabi, then they will welcome you with the drum beats associated with dance and song.

Mountain Hiking

Rwanda Destinations are full of mountains, making it one of the best places for mountain hiking. You can visit Volcano National Park for hiking where you can account for the presence of the beautiful jungle and its wildlife. You have to be lucky to see the chimps while they change the branches of the trees. There are 6 ethnic volcanoes and 3 active volcanoes letting you climb on them and see nature in a different way. Mt. Karisimbi is the tallest among all which is covered by white clouds and seems to be like having a snow cape.

Bird Watching

Rwanda is having a large collection of birds. You can encounter a minimum of 100 birds while you are on Rwanda Safari as there are more than 500 birds migrates every year from Congo to Rwanda. Bird watching in Rwanda offers you an enthralling scene, where these innocent species behave according to their habitat. If you are a bird lover then you should surely visit Rwanda Destinations to spend some time with the bird as well as you can capture and make memories with you.

Rwanda Destinations are not only popular for gorillas you can do many more activities over here that are mentioned above. You should be prepared to meet the one ancestor of humans having their DNA maximum similar to human beings. Rwanda is also full of culture and tradition where you can go to bring change in your life. We East Africa Jungle Safari offers you with best plans and packages to visit Rwanda as well as you can book permits in advance with us to have a better experience of Chimpanzees, Gorillas, and other primates. You can easily find all the things about Rwanda Safari on our website @

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