How Will Climate Change Affects the Iconic, Critically Endangered Mountain Gorillas

Climate change does not respect borders, it does not respect who you are – rich and poor, small and big. Therefore, this is what we call ‘global challenges,’ which require global solidarity.” Ban Ki-moon

Climate is one of the most influencing factors affecting the different continents of the earth. The change of climate is the reason for getting the giant dinosaurs getting replenish from the land of earth. So, don’t you think this climate can also affect one of the endangered species of the earth “the mountain gorillas”? If yes, then you are correct. Researchers proved that gorillas having 95% of their DNA matching to the human being so they pose the same problem as the human while there’s a change in the climate.

Mountain gorillas are one of the closest primates of a human having the capability to think and live like a human in some parts. The primates living on the higher reason usually face the change of vegetation while there is a change in the climate. It’s been observed that when the temperature is low than the vegetation moves to the higher above the mountain, living the mountain species with inferior space and lesser food. You can spot the mountain gorillas during the dry seasons at your Uganda Safari.

These are some major problems which are affecting the population of gorillas:

•      Habitat loss

Gorillas play a vital role in the ecosystem as well as those help in the growth of the jungle. The gorillas while eating spreads many seeds into the jungle as well as their dung works as manure to make the land fertile, resulting in increasing the forest. The main reasons that cause the loss of habitat of gorillas are clearing the forest or deforestation, as we know that dense forest was home to the gorillas so if you clear the forest then they will be having a scarcity of land to live and food to survive. Your thinking can change this big issue, so think of them as our people and make a better environment by planting trees and saving the forest. Your one step can initiate thousand and millions of other people to save this endangered species of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest


Although gorillas are having their DNA matching to human beings so gets affected to diseases similar to human beings as well as the chances of death are quite the same. Although the DNA matches but the immune system of the gorillas are less resistance to the diseases in comparison to humans.  Some of the common diseases that affect gorillas easily are scabies, mange, and respiratory issues. During your Uganda Gorilla Trekking, it’s been informed that you should maintain a gap between them so that you will not get affected by these diseases. Gorilla’s immune system works as a catalyst to boost up and make the disease communicable so if one in a group gets affected then all the members of the group get influenced by the same disease.


Poaching is one of the worst habits of human beings done for living. In the ancient era, poaching was done for either research by the researchers or by the hunters for food and money resulting in reducing the number of gorillas. Some of the hunters intensely never harm a gorilla but unfortunately while hunting their arrow or bullets use to hit these species. Many people use to smuggle animals for money so gorillas have to be preserved from them and a strict rule should be declared and followed to save these primates. In the 70th century maximum of the local tribe haunt gorillas to gain some money and win some prizes.  

How Can We Save The Mountain Gorillas?

Some of the best precautions which we can take to preserve these endangered species are:

  1. Stop clearing dense forest and plant more and more trees.
  2. Baan haunting or trafficking of animals and alert some strict rule as well as security for the wildlife.
  3. Decrease the greediness for money and land inside ourselves.
  4. Have authenticated animal researchers and doctors who will treat the disease influenced gorilla. 
  5. During your Uganda Safari, you can donate some money to preserve these species.

Mountain Gorillas are getting extinct day by day so a time will come when they can be only seen in the books. We must preserve one of our predecessors so that our grandchild can even see them. Mountain gorillas nowadays can be found on the hills of three countries of Africa, and you can luckily spot them during your Uganda Safari.

Plant more and more trees to give a better environment to your successor as well as to the other living beings of the earth.”

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