Discover The Magic Of Uganda Via Boat Cruises On East African Lakes

Discover The Magic Of Uganda Via Boat Cruises On East African Lakes

“A country surrounded by lakes & water reservoirs all around is nothing but nature’s makeshift paradise.”

In almost all the mentions of an African or Ugandan safari, most of the holidaymakers only dream about visiting a dry & dusted safari park with woodlands so dry & with brown savannah grasslands. But how many of them tried to do something different like going for boat cruises on East African lakes. A country such as Uganda is tactically located in the great lakes basin & around the tropical equatorial region of Africa & crossed by the rift valley escarpment. Do you know what it actually means? It is a signal that all the Uganda Destinations are surrounded by water.     

The Uganda Tourist Sites sponsored by East African Jungle Safaris shows a very different picture of the world famous lakes of Uganda, as follows:-        

Lake Victoria

1.    This lake is known for providing the best boat trips in Uganda for various forms of leisurely & relaxation activities. It can be anything, a lake transfer or just a ride to the center of the lake or just a nice cruise ride.  

2.    Besides that, you can also indulge in fishing excursions in the lake by hiring a small boat and catching small to medium sizes fishes from the lake to bake them for lunch.

3.    It is not the end here, either on the banks of the lake or on the boat cruise itself you can observe the vast lake for catching some magnificent bird views such as Grey Parrot, kingfishers and Fish Eagles. Sometimes such cruise rides in Lake Victoria can also take people to Ssese islands   

Lake Bunyonyi

1.   Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in Africa during your tour of Uganda Destinations.  This lake is also a popular location for water sports. Here you can have some of the calm & relaxing motorboat trips during your Uganda Safari Holidays.  

2.    These boat trips can show you some of the beautiful islands of the lake as well as take you to different places where you relax with your tour group.

3.    With these Motorboat trips, you can also visit some wonderful places like Kirangara or you can tour all the islands as well as visiting Ba-Twa to see the cultural show of the locals. Apart from that, you can also use the motorboat tour for “Island Jumping”.        

Jinja, Source Of Nile

1.    Jinja is actually the source & the point where river Nile starts its long journey to the Mediterranean Sea and this is the reason why this lake is so popular & attracts foreigners to go for a boat cruise excursion.

2.    There are numerous boats stationed at the source of the Nile to take vacationers to the point. In case you have some more time in your hands, you can take a tour in and around Jinja to explore the lake.

3.    It is one of the happening Holiday Destinations In Uganda because a riverboat cruise excursion is an excellent way to enjoy a few relaxing hours on the river Nile. All those who are on such cruise must bring in the cameras to capture a wide array of birdlife along the sunset.        

Lake Mburo

1.   Alongside Victoria, Bunyonyi & Jinja, the boat cruise of Lake Mburo will show you its flora & fauna. 

2.  During the cruise ride alongside the bank of this lake, you can be able to see numerous animals coming to drink the water to quench their thirst.  

3.   Apart from that, you can also see hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, buffaloes, and more than 3 types of otters that are found in the lake.     

The magic of Uganda Destinations will just get amplified after visitors use the affordable boat cruises. You can just ask us to customize your Ugandan tour package where you can also include boat rides in the itinerary whenever it concerns the Ugandan lakes. Please visit us @ to gather more details about such rides.

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