Essential and Helpful travel tips for Women Travellers to Uganda – Rwanda

As a woman, voyaging alone can be both colossally fulfilling and a little intimidating, regardless of where you’re going.  So if that is stopping you take solo or group safari, then, hold back your concern as many African nations are great for female travelers.

However, while the facts demonstrate that life as a woman in many parts of Africa is altogether different than it is in the West. Reportedly, thousands of woman travel alone through Africa every year without occurrence. And Uganda Destination and Rwanda Destination are two of the safest country in the continent for women travelers.

Listed below are some Essential and Helpful travel tips for women travelers which they can keep in mind while their safari in Uganda and Rwanda:

Safety Rules

Safety Rules
  • Uganda and Rwanda are both stable countries in all of Africa, and also likewise the friendliest nations on the landmass. So, all ladies who are making arrangements for safari trips in Uganda and Rwanda can rest guaranteed that it is totally protected and secure.
  • Aside from typical police, there is the Tourism Police too which is positioned at all vacationer goals and areas around the countries.
  • However, it is always best to alert about your surroundings and know about it beforehand. If you have the slightest doubt in mind that you are being followed immediately follow to the nearest shop or hotel and ask for help or contact the local police.
  • Most importantly, it is recommended not to walk alone around evening time. Utilize a respectable taxi administration, or make arrangements to go with a gathering from your hotel.

Managing Unwanted Attention

Managing Unwanted Attention
  • Undesirable sexual attention is one of the greatest issues for ladies traveling alone in Africa, and sadly, most ladies will encounter some dimension of badgering amid their time here.
  • However, in by far most of the cases, these encounters are bothering or awkward as opposed to unsafe – think gazes or whistles in the commercial center. For the most part, this kind of conduct can happen anyplace on the planet and it happens here too. A smile and a “not this time” will ordinarily resolve such a circumstance in a cordial way.
  • Keep an image of your “better half”. It is possible that it is genuine or fake may prove to be useful. This is a typical practice for all ladies holidaymakers who use it in goals around the globe. They can do likewise in Uganda and Rwanda too to defuse tease or lewd behavior endeavors.

Dressing Appropriately

Dressing Appropriately
  • Most East African nations are as still conservative in outfits. In spite of the fact that you might probably pull off over-the-knee dresses or skirts in capital urban areas while spending time with more youthful groups, however, it is best to be conscious of the neighborhood culture and of everyone around you.
  • Along these lines, it is recommended to pack longer bottoms and knee length dresses. It is best to avoid short skirts and shorts, as well as shirts that expose your shoulders bare.
  • Also carry a scarf with you to cover your hair while you visit a place of worship or conservative neighborhood.
  • The spotlight would be more on sprucing up brilliant with a traditional touch amid the daytime and around evening time in a club or bar, things can change fundamentally. In this way, it will be smarter to wear pants, dresses, skirts and Khaki pants.

Guarding Your Purse Or Bag

Guarding Your Purse Or Bag
  • It is a smart thought to put your bag behind you yet in addition put your hand over the tote itself and holding it to your side so nobody can promptly get or grab it.
  • It will be smarter to keep the stuff of your handbag like identification, air tickets and other vital documents in the bounds of the lodging as opposed to conveying it in a satchel or shoulder pack.

Secure Your Money And Valuable Documents

Secure Your Money And Valuable Documents
  • On the off chance that you are wearing pants put your wallet, cash in the front pockets and put your hand over it while strolling, particularly in swarmed settings, for example, commercial centers and road bazaars.
  • When buying something, paying in an eatery, bar, for a taxi, don’t streak a wad of money, yet sufficiently only to pay for the administration or item. You would prefer not to draw in the consideration of a potential hoodlum remaining close to you or in the region.
  • It is best to keep your valuable documents like passport, visas, travel insurance other documents secured in, keep it in a sheltered and secure spot, for example, in the locker given by the hotel staff, but always carry duplicates of all the travel documents with you.
  • Ladies voyagers can print out a duplicate of the international ID at home and bring it while on Uganda Safari Tours, visa duplicates should likewise be possible here on landing in one of the Ugandan or Rwandan nearby shops.

Feminine Health Issues

Feminine Health Issues
  • You won’t have any issue finding female hygiene items on the racks of any significant grocery store in the urban areas in Uganda and Rwanda. However, if you’re going to some place increasingly remote, it’s a smart thought to carry an abundant supply with you – particularly on the off chance that you favour tampons over clean cushions.
  • In numerous provincial territories, you may find that these items are either obsolete, have an extremely constrained range or are just inaccessible. In case you’re on the pill, make a point to pack enough tablets for your whole outing.
  • You may find that the Kind you utilize isn’t accessible in your goal nation, and exchanging between various kinds can have a few undesirable symptoms. So, it is best to carry them with you.

By keeping in mind the above tips, women can easily travel around Uganda and Rwanda without any difficulties. In today’s world women traveling alone or in a group is no more seen as inappropriate and at East African Jungle Safaris, we welcome all our female travelers whole heartedly and with our knowledge in Uganda and Rwanda we try to make the safari as the most memorable holiday.

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Happy travels in Uganda, Rwanda and beyond, ladies!


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