Find 10 Real Facts About The Mountain Gorillas During Uganda Gorilla Safari

These days’ mountain gorillas have become a common feature for all Africa safaris attracting thousands of travellers from all corners of the world on a daily basis. While planning your Uganda Gorilla Trekking, all travellers require an extensive understanding of the basic facts about these gentle giants before moving on for the trek.

Now when it comes to mountain gorillas, they live in the thick vegetation of Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Actually, it is once in a lifetime experience that will surpass all your hopes & expectations.

But all thanks to the conservation efforts of the locals & foreigners, the population of these gorillas is rising slowly.

Here you find unbelievable Mountain Gorillas facts that you ought to know before your Uganda Gorilla Trekking.

1.Mountain Gorillas Share 98% Of The Human’s DNA

The 98 % of the D.N.A of mountain gorillas match with us making them as our cousins. But the immune systems of these gorillas are not strong enough to protect them from the diseases that we as humans are resistant to. Even getting infected with curable diseases like common cold can prove deadly for these gorillas. Thus, this is the reason why guides strictly warn safari trekkers against coming in contact with these endangered mountain gorillas.   

2.Mountain Gorillas Are Marked As Critically Endangered Species

Due to constant war for years, hunting, habitat destruction and disease, the population of mountain gorillas dwindled very quickly & because of rigorous conservation efforts taken by the likes of conservationist Dian Fossey, they are getting a second chance to reclaim their habitat, future & destiny. Apart from that, numerous wildlife organisations along with domestic governments and local forest officials are working day & night to weed out hunting and poaching that are some of the main causes of decreasing gorilla population.

3.Mountain Gorillas Are Different From Low-Land Gorillas

Mountain gorillas are habituated to live in a mountainous terrain. Bringing them to a lowland terrain will prove fatal for them. Moreover mountain gorillas are conditioned to live in high altitude terrain from birth. Compared to lowland gorillas, mountain gorillas can’t be able to adapt to new terrain and that is the reason why they can’t be kept in captivity or zoo.           

4.They Can Be Found Only In The Mountains Of Uganda

You can find them via Uganda Safari because they can be found only in the mountains of Uganda such as Bwindi Forest Park where you can find them in groups. Additionally, you can see them in action in morning from 6 A.M until 6 P.M in the evening as they spend most of the time eating foliage and other plants to acquire protein and energy to stay active throughout the day.    

5.They Are Strong But Gentle

Yes, the mountain gorillas are really one of the strong creatures found on the planet. But they are also very shy & gentle too. They can be aggressive only to protect their family or group. It will be one of the lessons you will learn during Uganda Gorilla Trekking. At times, you might see Mountain Gorillas from too opposing groups fight each other to death but all such instances takes place rarely so nowadays they just show off their aggressive posture to instil fear on all other gorillas who try to challenge their authority without getting physical.

6.Mountain Gorillas Love To Live In Groups

Mountain gorillas love to socialize a lot and thus always live in group consisting all other males, females and children. These mountain gorillas know that great strength lies in unity and without it they totally feel unsafe. By living in groups, they are more capable of facing a trouble together then facing a trouble alone. They also help each other in overcoming difficulties.    

7.Aged Male Gorillas Are Called Silverbacks

Gorillas who are aged are known as silverbacks because the entire backside fur of the body turns white. It means that they are more respected than any other gorilla in the group. All other members consider such a gorilla of possessing the qualities to lead the entire group. Moreover such a gorilla is stronger & intelligent than others in the group.   

8.The Silverback Gorillas Ensure Protection Of The Group As A Leader

Yes, the silverbacks are entrusted by other gorillas to protect the group. Because all such silverbacks are considered stronger, wiser & more experienced than many others in the group. All such gorillas are also more responsible towards kids and females of the group. Really, as a trekker, you can also consider them as heroes of their group because they are capable of effectively discharging all their duties and responsibilities with ease.

9.Females Of The Group Get Fertile At A Very Young Age

That’s correct, Female Mountain gorillas attain fertility at the age of ten that means they start mating with other gorillas of their clan & begin producing babies at a fast rate. It helps the group in increasing the numbers and the strength. Such an activity also helps in increasing their population in the animal kingdom as well.    

10.Their Species Was In Danger Of Getting Extinct Once

True again, constant poaching & hunting was the reason, their population diminished at a fast rates. It is only because of the extensive conservation efforts of the foreigners and locals that the situation came under control. The entire credit goes to personalities like Dian Fossey who was mostly responsible for saving them for extinction. She even laid down her own life to protect these endangered gorillas from blood thirsty poachers and hunters. Even lots of local people along with local forest officers and numerous other conservationists like her where inspired by her work and given their best to save these mountain gorillas.

Believe it or not, but Uganda Gorilla Trekking will show you a hidden world that cannot be seen at any other place on earth. They are gentle & shy but they are really wild and are protected by the forest rangers. To know more, please visit us @

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