Why Are Gorillas So Muscular Even Though They Are Herbivorous?

Whenever there is a talk about mountain gorillas in Africa among several individuals, the focus of our mind and thoughts directly shifts to Africa that is best known place in the world for watching Mountain Gorillas as they are highly endangered species. You need to visit the parks such as Bwindi Impenetrable Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National park in Uganda & Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda to track these muscular gorillas.

A Gorilla trekking in one of the world’s most Impenetrable forests is a once in a lifetime experience that will exceed all of your expectations.

They attract the people because of their gentle behaviour even after having a muscular body. Additionally, they live in groups ranging from 2 to 40 members led by a silverback, a dominant male who discharges the role of a chief leader cum protector. Travellers can also find it amusing to watch the baby gorillas growing faster than normal human babies.

Their muscular body always makes you feel that they have superhuman strength to even take out ten humans in one stroke but mostly they are gentle because of being herbivorous.

You might be wondering, how they are managing to build such huge bodies especially their arms? You might also be thinking that what might be their diet plan & fitness regime that helps them to get so huge while watching them while on your Uganda Safari.  

Thus, today we are going to answer all these questions that are based on science, logic, and nature regarding their extraordinary physique & strength. Here are some of the facts that are given below:-    

How Gorillas Are So Muscular Even Though They Are Herbivorous?

Apart from their biological structure & DNA, these mountain gorillas stay active for most of the time. This constant activity combined with herbivorous food like leaves, stems, bark, fruit and 40 different types of plants that might be one of the key reasons that can explain why these mountain gorillas are so strong & muscular.

Below we discuss numerous factors make them so exceptional than all other animals:-

1.It Is A Genetic Difference, Not A Matter Of Diet?

Their genes, D.N.A as well as the bone structure is such that their bodies especially their arms get the type of power that enables them to survive the harsh conditions of the jungle. Numerous geneticists are still trying to find out the real reasons for their superhuman strength. But till then, it is safe to say that the genetic strength of these mountain gorillas is well designed to keep out the predators from even trying to mess with them and seriously, these mountain gorillas can put even a heavyweight MMA champion to shame. Even their biting power is one of the strongest in the animal kingdom. 

2.Arms Are More Muscled Because Of Walking And Swinging Relying On Them.

While strolling in one of the greatest Uganda National Parks such as Bwindi, you will be easily able to notice that one of the visible reasons why arms of these mountain gorillas are so muscled. These mountain gorillas are known to walk as well as swing on the branches of the tress daily. Thus by doing so, they put their arms to lots of stress-related activity that gives them enormous exercises daily. Hence, they don’t have to hit the gym to gain muscles as we tend to do. Even the strongest person on earth can’t be able to compete with an average mountain gorilla because of the strength the animal possesses.       

3.Gorillas Can Easily Use Plant Fibers By Digesting Cellulose

There is one more thing that is noticeable in Uganda Destinations like Bwindi forest park & its nearby areas that these Gorillas can also digest cellulose that allows them to completely use the plant fibers. Now when this fact is compared to human vegetarians & other animal species that are herbivorous, digesting cellulose is completely impossible. Clearly stating that these mountain gorillas are amazing in numerous ways that we can’t even imagine.       

4.They Have Unique Digestive System For Fixing More Protein In Their Body    

Through your observations in Uganda Safari, you will also come to know through the guides and doctors that these gorillas possess a digestive tract which is amazingly long & capable of converting cellulose into Omega-3 fatty acids. This variant of fatty acid is very important for the health of their brain as well as the health of their central and peripheral nervous system. Moreover, this fatty acid also helps in supplying the coating of the plasma membrane of these gorillas. As far as this membrane is concerned, it allows certain nutrients to flow in & out of the cells smoothly. 

These are some more things that you are going to know about these mountain gorillas while on your Uganda Gorilla Trekking

These Great Apes Are Herbivores Or Not?

More specifically, you can call Mountain Gorillas as leaf eaters that are also known as folivores. Our primate cousins love to enjoy consuming fruits containing fructose and glucose providing them with quick fuel and excess consumption of such fruits provide them with extra fuel that helps them in quickly releasing insulin and helps them in storing surplus fat for later use for any further activity such as running, swinging, jumping or hiding.

Now, if you have got the idea, why they are so muscular then it will be better for you to not waste any more time and book your tickets for Uganda Safari and meet the great primates who needs your attention to generate more awareness that will help them a lot. To know more, please visit us @ eastafricanjunglesafaris.com. Furthermore, to share your views with us then Please visit us @ info@eastafricanjunglesafaris.com.   


  1. Gorillas are social animals who live in a group which is called troops or bands. The force can have as many as 50 members; the troop is led by a male gorilla who is called a Silverback. The arms of gorillas are longer than their legs, which allows them to walk on all four limbs. Gorillas usually don’t drink water as they get all the moisture from the food and morning dew. These species are intelligent and can use simple tools and can learn sign language.

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