6 Remarkable Causes – Why Choose Uganda for Your Next Vacation?

Uganda is known as the green Perl of the African continent, popularly known for its magnificent beauty which pulls the attraction of thousands of people from all over the world. Nowadays this country is also popular because of a Hollywood movie “Black Panther” which has touched nearly everyone’s heart in the year 2018. Curiosity inside the people increased to visit this wonderland of Uganda where the power is in its nature. This country is situated on the eastern side and is covered by land on all its sides, though it is having many water bodies in it. Lake Victoria which got its name from the queen of Great Britain as well as it is the biggest freshwater lake of Africa and is the home to many aqua lives.

These are some of the interesting points about the country Uganda which can be sighted by you during Uganda Safari. Isn’t this increasing your desire? If yes, then after knowing some more snooping facts your desire will increase a level more to have an adventurous Uganda Safari Tours. Do you have ever seen a mountain gorilla in real life? If no, then visit this place because it is the home to a large number of this endangered species. Not only mountain gorillas but you can also have a glimpse of some biggest animals of Africa known as ‘BIG 5’. People of Uganda follow Christianity and Islamic as their religion and speaks English as well as Swahili as these are their official languages. This country is landlocked but known as the biggest lake region of Africa.

Here are some reasons that will clarify your mind that, why to plan Uganda Safari for your next vacation:

The Price of a Single-Entry Tourist Visa Has Just Halved

Uganda is one of the most visited destinations of the world and ranked among the top 16 tourist destinations in the world. This is not just a safari destination but can be said as a fairy tale because whatever you see there that you cannot believe in your eyes. To make Uganda Destinations more successful tour destination Government of Uganda has slashed the price of Uganda permit by 50% so that it can easily fit in your budget as well as this step helped them to increase the visitor’s rate. The price of a single visa was $100 before but now it had been changed to $50 and it has been applied to every part of the country.

2. East Africa Tourist Visa –  Also Uganda Is Within It

If you are planning for Uganda Safari then the first thing that you do is applying for Uganda visa but from now you don’t need any specific visa for Uganda Destinations. Uganda visa had become a part of East Africa tourist visa in which you can also visit a few other countries of Eastern Africa after having Uganda Safari Tours. East Africa tourist visa is a combination of Uganda Rwanda and Kenya visa, so by paying for a single country, you can have tourism to 3 different countries of Africa as well as can feel the awesome difference between their ecosystems.

3.All of the Big Five Can Be Seen In Uganda

Uganda Safari is the part of tourism in which you can have an amazing view of 5 biggest animals of Africa the lion, the cheetah, the rhino, the elephant and the wild African buffalo. They are also known as the big 5 because they are larger in size and more in weight. Don’t you think that visiting a single country and getting the vision of all the animals that are in big 5 can make you the luckiest of all? If yes, then don’t wait for the time to pass away just open your browser and open site of East Africa Jungle Safar and get your quote as well as book your ticket to Uganda Destination now.

4. Uganda Is the Top Rated Country to Track Mountain Gorillas

It’s been said that only three countries of the African Continent are having the extinct species of the world Mountain Gorillas. Among the three countries Rwanda, Uganda, and Congo, Uganda is having the highest number of gorillas so you can also say that it is not only the home to different tribes but also the habitat to mountain gorillas and other primates. Uganda Gorilla Safaris is only possible if you have gorilla permit which you have to book in 4 to 6 month in advance because Uganda Wildlife Authority only permits few passes per day. Uganda Gorilla Trekking is done over the mountain of Virunga as well as you can encounter other primates of the jungle. 

5.Game Drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park has got its name from the second queen of England that is Queen Elizabeth because this place is full of natural beauties and wildlife which can be encountered during Uganda Safari. In this national park, you can see the big 5 which makes it a unique Uganda Destinations, here you can witness the magical scene in which the lions climbing the tree and resting over it. You can easily reach this place from the Kampala the capital city of Uganda. This park is also having rich in natural and ancient culture as well as you can find the traditional tribes in this park.

6. Diverse Rich Cultures & Peoples

While having your Uganda Safari you can observe a vast diversity in the culture and tradition of the people but they are united in a single country and their official languages Swahili makes it possible for them to communicate with each other. The tribal people of Uganda can speak in English so that they can communicate with the outsiders. Maximum of the people believe in Christianity as well as Islamic as their religion so you can find churches and mosques. You can also find some ancient culture and tradition in the tribal groups of Bantu and can learn a lot about prehistoric times from them.

After knowing these things isn’t your wish of visiting Uganda Safari Destination rapidly rising. You would be having some more confusion in your mind like how to find out a pin from the bushes, it means finding a safari operator who is advanced and native of this country.

We “East African Jungle Safaris” is one of the well-known safari tour planners of Uganda with have several years of experience in this field as we are the natives of Africa we also know every route of this place. If you want to have a wonderful adventurous safari to the land of Uganda at a low budget then you can plan your tour with us @ eastafricanjunglesafaris.com

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