10 Reasons To See More Of Rwanda Than Just The Gorillas

Rwanda Safari

Rwanda is a small country situated toward the corner of East Africa between three safari giants Kenya and the immediate neighbors Uganda in the north and Tanzania in the West, Rwanda has demonstrated a holiday giant as her competition. Rwanda is eminent for its rare mountain gorillas, and as it should be. About 400 of our primate cousins wander the rainforests of Volcanoes National Park, with ten groups accessible for tracking. But, this little nation has quite a lot more to see. Known as the “Land of Thousand Hills”, its rich with wonderful mountains, valleys, and lakes, with a shining capital city, bounteous wildlife and versatile and benevolent individuals.

Here are ten reasons to explore further:

To Trek Some Of The Thousand Hills

In the event that you incline toward two feet to two wheels, Rwanda offers some breath-taking treks. Nyungwe Forest has a broad system of trails covering over 130km that take between two hours to four days. In Volcanoes National Park, head for Mount Bisoke with its lovely crater lake at the summit or attempt the two-day trek of Mount Karisimbi, Rwanda’s most elevated top at 4507m.

For Kicking The Sand On Lake Kivu’s Shore

A landlocked nation, Rwanda’s response to a beach is the shores of Lake Kivu. The 6th largest lake in Africa, traverses 90km along the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, with excellent impressions of slopes covered with patchwork vivid green crops and terracotta-hued earth.

To Wander Around The Locals’ Capital

Rwanda’s capital Kigali is practically squeaky clean with sparkly shopping malls, in vogue bistros and shining office blocks. For some evident African vibe, take a tour of Nyamirambo, the city’s most established and most lively neighborhood, visiting markets and shops and testing local food.

To Be Inspired By The Country’s Renewal

Besides gorillas, Rwanda is most well-known for the horrific genocide that crushed the nation in 1994, when very nearly a million people were killed. Today, there is minimal ethnic division: everybody is Rwandan, and the elegance and strength of the general population in proceeding onward from this catastrophe is astounding.

To Sway On East Africa’s Highest Canopy Walk

The impressively named Igishigishigi Trail in Nyungwe Forest National Park includes the Uwinka Overlook, a stomach-stirring suspension connect that sways 50m high over the rainforest. Look down in the event that you dare and you’ll see only trees working out like enormous broccoli florets and fantastical greeneries after which the trail is named.

For A Taste Of (Vegetarian) Dodo

Rwanda’s traditional cuisine is genuinely unadventurous. In any case, vegetarians are in for a treat: try matoke, ibihaza, roasted sweet potatoes, veggie stews and dodo, a garlicky spinach-like dish with a lot of groundnuts and chilies.

To Spot The Big Five On Safari

Overseen by conservation association African Parks since 2010, Akagera’s once drained wildlife is presently flourishing. Elephants, buffalo, giraffe and a lot of antelope can easily be seen, while lions and leopards are more elusive. One of Africa’s prettiest national parks, Akagera merits a visit paying little mind to its wildlife, with lakes and papyrus swamps, tremendous savannah fields and undulating highlands in shades of green and gold.

For Mesmerizing Monkey Mania

Rwanda is a primate paradise: a stunning 13 species live in Nyungwe Forest alone. Track the grey-cheeked mangabey or the colobus monkeys that resemble aging hippies with long white manes and beards. Find chimpanzees leaving their homes in Cyamudongo Forest. Cutest of all is the fun-loving golden monkeys, with reddish-gold coats and dazzling expressive appearances.

For Some Fabulous Intore Dancing

Rwanda’s traditional dance is invigorating. Generally performed for the Rwandan mwami (rulers), they recount to the tale of warriors returning successfully from battles. The ground emphatically thumps with enthusiasm and vitality as gatherings of dancers bounce to drumbeats and singing. Women look demure in traditional colorful dresses while men wear headdresses of long white grasses that whirl excitedly as they hurl their heads.

To Get On A Bike With A Local Guide

If you love to ride a bike, then you must love the rare opportunity to mingle with Rwanda’s local team. They will welcome you and teach techniques on trying along different terrains.

Rwanda a nation which is named as a land with a thousand hills and a million smiles is, in fact, disclosure and a paradise for any traveller searching for some stunning adventure and unique moments to appreciate for a lifetime. So if you also need to observe this astounding country, at that point book your trek today with East African Jungle Safaris. As we are absolutely enthusiastic about sharing and showcasing the wild of East Africa and our heritage to the world! We tailor a perfect itinerary to introduce travelers to some of the best locations in Rwanda. For more info visit us at eastafricanjunglesafaris.com.

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