Historical Site In Rwanda

The beautiful and attractive country named as the land of thousand hills Rwanda’s mesmerizing landscape is endowed with great cultural diversity and deep history. Here are 5 significant historical sites of Rwanda definitely deserve a visit:

National Museum of Rwanda:   There are few museums that contain the historical significance of rich history that dates back to the Kingdoms, colonial and post-colonial times. Some of the iconic museums of Rwanda are The Natural History Museum-Kigali, the Ethnographic Museum in Huye, Presidential Palace-Kanombe in Kigali, King’s Palace Museum-Rukari in Nyanza, Environmental Museum in Karongi and the National Art Gallery-Rwesero in Nyanza.

Gisozi Genocide Memorial Centre:  Gisozi Genocide Memorial Centre is a prime spot of Rwanda that contains the country’s rich history and dark past.

Surrounded by a green beautiful garden the memorial building’s walls are covered with thousands of names of people who were laid to rest at the site those who survived the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Ndaba Rock:  About 2 hours drive from Kigali, Ndaba Rock is one of the countries which receive a good amount of tourist. Featuring a wonderful waterfall the rock is surrounded by a mythical story. It’s believed by the locals that the rock used to have springs of honey.

Jesus’s House of Mercy in Ruhango:  The place is believed to be full of wonders and miracles. There are thousands of people converge every first Sunday of the month as there has been recorded a number of miraculous events in the holy spot.

Natural Hot Springs:  Amashyuza, a natural hot spring located in Kivu believed to have healing powers for various diseases.