Lake Tanganyika

The lakes of Tanzania

The lakes of Tanzania are varied in what they offer to the potential visitors. On Soda Lakes like Lake Manyara and Lake Natron Wildlife gather on the desolate salt flats and shimmering views reminds of one of a Lunar Landscape which at sunset descends into shades of various pastels. The Soda Lakes are alkaline and brackish, home to large populations of pink Flamingos, Storks and Herons. Bird-watching and game viewings are popular activities, but must be done from a distance as the soda flats along the lake shore are difficult to walk or drive in. Still, a visit to the soda Lakes of Tanzania is an unforgettable experience. Game still thrive along their unpopulated shores and the sheer ethereal beauty of the water, coloured silver and white by the mineral deposits, is an unforgettable part of the African experience.

Towns and industries take full advantage of the freshwater Lakes in the Region, the largest of which is Lake Victoria to the Northwest of the country. Fishing has long been a mainstay of residents who live around the Natural Resources, and transport across Tanzania’s many African borders is also an economically profitable activity. Because of the easy supply of freshwater irrigation, Tanzanians also farm the areas around freshwater lakes extensively, and both subsistence and cash crops are grown around their shores. Visitors to the freshwater lakes can embark on fishing trips, hikes, swim and enjoy the rich bird and fish life that surrounds the water. In many populated areas, cultural tourism programs are also popular.