Coffee Paradise In Rwanda

Rwandan Coffee is a mixture of colorful history and intoxicating taste. At a first look, Rwanda coffee beans on the shop may give you feel like a usual bag of Coffee but trust us, once you put the coffee into your cup you will experience how amazing is the Rwandan Coffee. Probably African coffees are the best coffees in the world.

The aromatic history:

One of the world’s prime coffees growing Nation, Rwanda interestingly got introduced to Coffee trees at the beginning of the 20th Century by German Missionaries. Around 1930 the coffee production of the country increased, however, it was mostly low grade and high volume green coffee beans.

The low standard of the coffee was sole because of the harsh demands of the colonial government. The standard of the coffee increased after the country gained independence after the middle of the century.   

Highlights of Rwanda Coffee:

  • The first coffee plant was brought to Rwanda by German Colonial in the early 1900s.
  • There are around 400,000 smallholder coffee producer in Rwanda
  • 99% of the Rwandan coffee is been exported to out of the country
  • 95% of the coffee farms grow Burbon variety coffee plants
  • The coffee farms are mostly on the elevation of 4,000 to 6, 5000 feet sea-level.
  • September and October are the growing seasons
  • Between March and July, the coffee beans got harvested