Rwanda Volcanoes

Justifying its name “the land of thousand hills” the country hosts a good range of volcanic mountains that offers a great hiking route. There are many hiking lovers who come to visit the national parks of the country partially for Mountain Gorillas and partially due to scenic hiking routes of the country.

There are 5 prime volcanoes are existing in the country namely Muhavura, Gahinga, Sabinyo, Bisoke, and Karisimbi and all are lying in the Volcanoes National Park. Apart from Mt. Sabinyo, all other volcanoes provide a great adventure hiking trail.

Mount Bisoke:  Reaching up to 3,711 meters height Mount Bisoke provides a quite challenging hiking route on the Virunga range. The mountain feature a stunning lake on the summit, however, there is no permission to take dive into it but it will provide a soothing view to the eye and needless to mention the attraction of Mountain Gorillas on the way.

Mount Muhabura:  Acquiring 13,540 feet height Mount Muhabura is situated in northwest and borders between Rwanda and Uganda. The top of the volcano provides a mesmerizing view of all 5 volcanoes of Rwanda.

Mount Karisimbi:   The highest volcano of Rwanda, Mount Karisimbi touches the height of 14,787 feet is the most stunning tower of the Virunga range. The mountain takes 2 days to trek and considered as one of the most spectacular hiking of the region.

Mount Gahinga:  Located just across the Rwandan border in Uganda the volcanic mountain reaches up to 11,398 feet height and provides an easier hike. The trekking train is stunningly scenic and home to many Mountain Gorilla groups.