Rwanda Safari Parks And City Tours

Surrounded by Tanzania, Uganda, and Burundi; Rwanda is a landlocked small African country famous all corners of the world as the “land of thousand hills” and provides some pristine and mesmerizing Safari destinations that are prime places to spot Rwanda Gorillas, Rwanda Chimpanzees, and the members of Big Five. The country has also a glittering city, Kigali that can surprise you with its citizen’s friendliness.  

Kigali City Tour:

Kigali is the capital of the Republic of Rwanda that is residing in central-eastern Africa and one of the clean, vibrant, and modern cities of Africa. The city provides a great nightlife and best to visit in the dry season that runs from June to mid-September. The Kigali UP music festival celebrated in July attracts many tourists as well as many African citizens.

The city is flooded with many dine-in spots offering various cuisines including bash of local foods. The restaurants and street food corners provide few mouth-watering dishes like Brochette, ugali, porridge, nyama choma, akabenz, etc.

The city offers many local stores where you can buy some Souvenir to take with you like a piece of memory. You can explore some good options from locally made coffee, crafts, clothing, or artwork.

Safari Parks:

The national parks of Rwanda are the protected wildlife reserves that host a distinct ecosystem and variety of species. The country hosts 3 iconic national parks, Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park, and Nyungwe Forest which enables the tourists to spot Big Five of Africa along with a wide range of primates.