Rwanda Restaurants

Rwanda has been a place famous worldwide due to its unique attraction of mountain gorilla trekking and spotting several unique primates. Receiving millions of travelers the country has updated its option to stay and eat. Now apart from local open restaurants or street foods you can find few great restaurants to dine-in enjoying both local and international cuisine.

Here is a list of few iconic restaurants in Rwanda:

Repub Lounge: 

Restaurant type; Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian

The trademark of the restaurant is famous for delectable Liboke chicken or fish and food cooked with banana leaf. If you visit this place don’t forget to try brochettes which are grilled meat or fish on a stick.


Restaurant type; Sushi/Asian/Japanese

Kigali doesn’t provide many options for eating Sushi, however, Kiseki is one of the great options to try some inventive rolls, sushi burritos, and other Japanese dishes.

Turambe Shoppe:

Restaurant type; Vegan/Vegetarian

Are you a vegan and looking for healthy food to fill your stomach, then Turambe is a perfect place to explore. The fresh salad and sandwich are a great option to explore in the restaurant.

Zaaffran Indian Restaurant:

Restaurant type; Indian/Vegetarian

Are you looking for exploring some good Indian vegan food? Then try out Zaaffran, the best Indian restaurant in Rwanda. Try the best curries, naan, mango lassi, paneer, and other Indian cuisines.


Restaurant type; Korean/Vegetarian

Explore the best Korean vegan food at Monmartse. The dishes you can try here are bibimbap, soups, and banchan.

Filini Italian Restaurant and Bar:

Restaurant type; Italian/Vegetarian   

Explore a well-decorated dining room with some best Italian cuisine like gnocchi, pizzas, and fresh salads.


Restaurant type; Italian/European/Vegetarian   

The restaurant is one of the iconic restaurants that are famous for candlelit Italian dinners and well-stocked wine cellar. If you are a honeymoon couple exploring Rwanda, then keep this restaurant in your bucket list to give a visit with your partner.

Come Again:

Restaurant type; Restaurant/ African/Beer

Looking for exploring the real Rwandan dishes in African restaurants? Dine-in at Come Again, an authentic African restaurant that is famous for marinated and roasted pig which is one of the most famous Rwanda’s traditional dishes.