Rwanda Budget Safari

Rwanda is a landlocked country of Africa which is packed with natural wonders and stunning wildlife. Due to its enormous beauty, the country is on the list of many wildlife lovers. As the country is constantly focusing on a low volume but high-cost tourism it’s a bit confusing and challenging to plan a holiday in a pocket-friendly budget. However, we have got a few suggestions for you that will help you to plan a budget-friendly trip to Rwanda.

Plan your trip in low season:  Planning your trip in the wet season can get you some huge discounts as there are very few people visit the place in the rainy season.

Dine out wisely:  Rather than banging on into big-fat restaurants try the local street foods which are relatively cheap and provides great test and variety.

Sleep little less luxurious:  Rather than booking in a luxurious high budget hotel choose a pocket-friendly lodge accommodation near to the national parks that will save your money.