Animal traps found in Meru National Park

Animal traps found in Meru National Park

More than a thousand animal snares suspected to have been set by poachers and game meat dealers have been found in Meru National Park. The more than 1,200 traps targeting both big and medium-sized wild animals were found during a de-snaring operation by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and the Born Free Foundation. Born Free Foundation’s research officers Newtone Simiyu and Victor Mutuma said most of the snares were set near the park’s borders. “Wire snares are a lethal tool used by poachers targeting different animals, including elephants,” said Mr Mutuma. According to Mr Simiyu, most of the snares for game meat and trophies were found in Kiolu in the Kinandani plains on the western side of the park and in the southern parts. “The hotspot of the snaring is around Punguru plains, Kinna, and Bisanadi areas. Since the de-snaring project started we have arrested four poachers,” said Simiyu

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